Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pixie Hairstyles for African American Women

Pixie Hairstyles for African American Women can be chosen and rated as the best hairstyles for women with short hair. If you want to steal people attention by having the best hairstyles too, pixie is the best you can try. Pixie is like every women with short hair favorite! Why? Because pixie will never go wrong! You can be calm, sexy, elegant, and fresh in the same time by giving your best thing can do with short hair. What about the pictures? Do you need some pictures of black skinned women in pixie haircut? That is simple and easy for us! We have some pictures of Pixie Hairstyles for African American Women in many angle and women, even the famous Rihanna in some short pixie hairstyles. Read on and look for some hairstyles here.

Rihanna Pixie Hairstyles for African American Women

Rihanna really look good with pixie cuts. The small oval face of Rihanna make a perfect combination with the cut, like it is the ultimate look for Rihanna in short hair. She has tried many kind of hairstyles for black women in short hair such as crop, pixie, and edge, yet this one is the best to us for her. Rihanna's pixie haircut is really fabulous, and cool too. She look perfectly awesome and fresh, both in daily look in media or photo-shot or when she is making video clip or in any media. She is the symbol of pixie haircut among all African American women.
Pixie Hairstyles for African American Women by Rihanna

Pixie Hairstyles for African American Women

What about pixie for black women in curly hair? That is possible too. You can get pixie cut even your hair is short. Short pixie in curly hair is cool too if you can get the cut from the best hairdresser you can go to, like your usual hairstylist. Ask them about how is the best pixie cut for your hair and face shape. Basically, pixie haircut is more to the short hairstyles, but you make the both side more curved, and the bangs is longer than the sides part. The front hair are usually brushed front or swiped to the left or right sides. Let the back side be short too, just the same like the  both sides. It makes the up and front side looked get many hair besides the sides. That is what we know as pixie cuts.

Pixie Crop Hairstyles for African American Women
Cool Pixie Haircut

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