Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ombre Hairstyles for African American Women 2013

The trend has been over yet, so here we are over exciting to talk about the trending hairstyles in 2013: ombre. Many women has been asking for this ideas about ombre hairstyles. Most people know that ombre is a cool hair trend in 2013, gradually from darker color into the light and vice versa. Don't you think it is a cool trend? People said that ombre is only for women with light skin color, now we prove it wrong. Here are the Ombre Hairstyles for African American Women. With all the creativity of black women now we have collected some ideas to make a perfect ombre hairstyles for women with dark skin. Take a look at these ideas and hopefully if you are thinking for changing your hairstyles, this would be one for your hairstyles inspiration.

This purple ombre is pretty cool for you who have dark hair color. You can make it into three gradation, as ombre hairstyles are usually, in gradually some color and make a perfect combination in one hairstyles. Then the black, brown, and purple, light purple as the bottom of the ombre looks really good and cool for women in the age of 20 or around 30. Another ombre hairstyles that you can try if your hair is dark, is blonde. The combination f black with blonde is such a perfect combination over all.

Black Underneath with Blonde Ombre Hairstyles for Black Women

Ombre Hairstyles for Black Women

Another way to say that ombre is cool for black skin tone women and also dark skinned women is that ombre hairstyles is the new taste of showing that black is a neutral color that you can combine with other colors. Red, blonde, brown, and many color can be combined with black. Underneath and showing up and bottom of the longhair can make the ombre hair combination for  African American women.  If you need some ideas with your African American hair, here are some female ombre hairstyles ideas for you.

Best Ombre Hairstyles for Black Women

Ombre Hairstyles for Black Women

Image source: perfectlocks.com

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